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Service to the Trident House Charities Program

Make a difference by giving our veteran's families the resources they deserve.


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Epic Charity Challenge 2018 D Day France

The Epic Charity Challenge D-Day 2018 in support of the National Navy SEAL Museum's Trident House Charities Program

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping serve my purpose of providing for veteran's families.

Learn more about our June 6th D-Day 2018 event by checking out this recent article, spotlighting the charity work of Navy SEAL(Retired) Lance Cummings, our leader of the Epic Charity Challenge. I'm honored to be on the team of military veterans, reservists, and endurance athletes. We will swim 6.2 miles (10km) in the English Channel into Omaha Beach, climb the 70 meter Cliffs of Normandy, and ruck (45lbs.) 20 miles to Saint-Lô, all in less than 24 hours.

For more information on the program we're raising funds to support, please visit this resource on the Trident House Charities Program.

My preparation includes multiple modalities of training six days a week. I swim three times a week, which includes one, long distance (1-3 miles), open water swim. I run three times a week which includes one, long distance (6-15 miles), ruck (60lbs.) run. I physical train(PT)/strength train(ST) three times a week. Four days a week, I train at least two modalities on the same day and back to back. Your support; mental, moral, and/or financial is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.